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Everything you need to create
an awesome media business

We want to help media companies that produce journalism of social value succeed on the web.

Why Us

We know the media business.

We’ve worked at some of the leading online media companies

We have unique digital tools


Our consulting process varies from client to client, but here is our general approach.

Needs Assessment

Meet with client to determine needs and objectives.


Full Website Audit

We will not only talk with you about your problems, but we also use our tools to start analyzing your web presence in order to suggest areas of improvement.


Recommendations for Improvements and Areas of Additional Investigation

We will analyze your needs and provide a detailed analysis for improving your website.


Production of Custom Tools

We don’t just send you an analysis and leave. We develop dashboards and other tools that you can use to continuously improve your operations.


Our Tools


Optimizely Database

We use this database to monitor cutting-edge features being tested at media organizations.

Viral Media Database

We have written custom scrapers for social media networks and some of the leading viral media websites. We understand where they are getting social traffic and how they operate at an extremely granular level.

Email Enrichmnent Tool

Have a list of emails? We are able to utilize our own methods as well as efficiently use all the third-party services to improve customer segmentation and targeting.

Telegram Chat Analysis

We have our own tool for monitoring and analyzing chats large quantities of Telegram chatrooms. As an example project, we have collected data on cryptocurrency chats to understand blockchain-based technologies.

Our Skills


What content do you have? What can be improved? Eliminated? How is it produced? What types of content are you producing? How does the content produced compare to competitors? How do you measure impact? Does you content help you achieve your goals? How can you improve your message?


Where is the search traffic coming from? How do I improve search traffic to better meet my goals?

Social Media

Where is the social media traffic coming from? How do I get social media traffic to better meet my goals?


How can you utilize the blockchain? How can blockchain-based technologies benefit your business?



What is your user contribution/commenting system? How can we get better comments?


How can I make more website more usable?


How is the website loading? What CMS are you using? How do your technical approaches compare to the best in class?

Brand Audit

What is the brand? How is the brand represented in the marketplace?


Paid Media

How much money, if any, are you spending on paid media? How can your ad spend be improved?


How much revenue are you receiving from paid media? How can you increase revenue without compromising other business objective? What advertisers are you using? What is your sales process? What sponsored content are you producing?


What events are you producing? How are you promoting your events? How can you increase revenue generated from events?

Data Science

What is your data science workflow? How you can you use predictive analytics to improve business processes?


Our Team has worked with



Our Team


Jake Bialer


Full stack developer and data scientist with years of experience in the media industry.



Partner And Viral Content Expert

Tabby cat with years of experience sleeping in small boxes, chasing red lights, conversing with birds and producing viral content including one video with over a million views.


Gershon Bialer


Full-stack engineer programming since age 9 with a focus on backend development, analytics, and data science. He is currently working on applying deep learning to fashion design at RoarShock.

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